Theological Studies
Grasping God's Design: Keys That Unlock Elusive Realities (6 sermons)   Voices From Heaven: Dramatic Revelations, Dynamic Confrontations (6 sermons)   Shalom: Why the Biblical Doctrine of Creation Matters (4 sermons)
Why Matter Matters: The Bible vs. Modern Gnosticism (4 sermons)   Blessed Assurance: Understanding the Relationship Between Faith and Works (7 sermons)   What's In a Name? Studies in the Divine Titles (8 sermons)
The Wonders of the Word: Four Studies in the Incarnation (4 sermons)   God, the First Fundamental: Crucial Questions About the Divine Attributes (10 sermons)    Eight Destructive Ideas: How to Keep the Elephants Off Your Windpipe
The Matchless Name of Jesus: Some Titles of the Lord From Heaven (4 sermons)   Flirting With Paganism: Looking for 'The Will of God' (6 sermons)   The World & the Church: A Clash of Ideologies (6 sermons)
Prayer: Five Crucial Questions (5 sermons)   What Is Man? Understanding Yourself Biblically (6 sermons)   Sail Around or Be Broken: Seven Reefs of Reality (7 sermons)
Ultimate Matters: The Kingdom of God and the Age to Come (6 sermons)   Reasons for Our Hope: Answering Some Basic Questions (11 sermons)   What the Bible Says About Man: Crucial Questions on Bioethics (4 sermons)
The Sufficiency of Scripture (5 sermons)   What We Believe: The Apostles' Creed (10 sermons)   Just the FAQs: Frequently Asked Questiions on Scripture and Theology (in progress)