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The Soul - in Soul Care is defined as, “the inner person, the real person, which outlasts its physical home; the place where emotional pain is felt, where true worship is offered, and where personal values reside.”

- Dr. Doug McIntosh

Soul Care - the building up and sustaining of a healthy inner life in Christ.

The Soul Care Ministry purpose is twofold - inwardly, to facilitate the growth of strong, godly inner lives; outwardly, to extend those lives into our community and God's world.

For more information, please contact Cheryl McIntosh at (404) 295-5778 or Lisa Brumley at (404) 202-3183.
"The Soul Care ministry is a faith-based ministry open to people of all backgrounds to have their souls strengthened and built up through shared support, encouragement, and the truth and wisdom of Jesus Christ."
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