Old Testament Studies
1 Samuel-Ecclesiastes
Song-Malachi & Other
In the Beginning: Foundation Truths From Genesis 1-11 (12 sermons)
  Seeking a King: Studies in First Samuel (50 sermons)   Servant Songs: The Attractions of Christlikeness (7 sermons)
Perfected Patriarch: Studies in the Life of Jacob (6 sermons)   2 Samuel Series: Establishing a Kingdom (in progress)   Isaiah's Visions: The Unveiling of God (5 sermons)
Joseph in the Pits: How to Understand God's Work in Your Life(6 sermons)   Royal Reviews: The Lives of the Kings (17 sermons)   Something To Say: Three Prophetic Enlistments(3 sermons)
A Perfect Offering: How Leviticus Exhibits the Dynamic of Heaven (5 sermons)   Elisha: My God Is a Savior (6 sermons)   Greatness in Hard Times: Studies in Jeremiah (6 sermons)
The Gates of Eden: Pentateuchal Portraits of Grace(6 sermons)   Minor Characters, Major Impacts: Considerations From Chronicles (8 sermons)   The Wounds of God: Studies in Lamentations (5 sermons)
Winning the Holy War: Highlights of Joshua (8 sermons)   Rebuilding the Ruins: Studies in the Book of Nehemiah (11 sermons)   With the Voice of Thanksgiving: Jonah, or the Reclaiming of a Rebellious Prophet (4 sermons)
Superficial Christianity: Studies in the Book of Judges (17 sermons)   Esther: God in the Shadows (5 sermons)   Apples of Gold: Ancient Words, Timeless Meanings (7 sermons)
Ruth: The Romance of Redemption (4 sermons)   God's Prayer Book: Learning to Live and Pray From the Psalms (9 sermons)   Songs of the Soul: What the Old Testament Teaches About Communing With God (8 sermons)
 Prophet For Hire: The Sad Tale of Balaam (Num. 22-24) (4 sermons)   Learning to Live Under the Sun: the Message of Ecclesiastes (6 sermons)   Dreams and Visions: The Timeless Message of God's Ancient Prophets (9 sermons)

  Seeking Satisfaction: Key Themes in Ecclesiastes (4 sermons)
Past Forgetting: Old Testament People of Significance (5 sermons)
    Psalm 89: God's Kind of Love (4 sermons)