New Testament Studies
Gospels & Acts   Romans-Titus   Heb-Revelation & Other
Behold Your King: Studies in the Gospel of Matthew (113 sermons)   The Rise and Fall of Man: Expository Studies in Romans One (7 sermons)   Anchoring the Soul: Studies in the Epistle to the Hebrews (41 sermons)
Veiled in Flesh the Godhead See: The Meaning of the Incarnation (2 sermons)   Romans Two: The Fountain of the World's Troubles (6 sermons)   Keeping Faith Healthy: Studies in James (in progress)
Eight Miracles: Subtle Lessons From Supernatural Events (8 sermons)   The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: Studies in Romans Three (5 sermons)   Great New Testament Arguments (6 sermons)
The Crisis of the Cross: Seven Statements of Jesus Christ (5 sermons)   The Profitable Products of Pauline Passion: Studies in 2 Corinthians (20 sermons)   Insight in the Storm: Studies in 1 Peter (9 sermons)
Encounters: What Happens When People Meet Christ (9 sermons)   Living in the Light of the Age to Come: Studies in 2 Peter (4 sermons)
The Puzzle of the Passion: Christ's Life as the Key to Ours (2 sermons)   Christ Preeminent: Paul's Letter to the Colossian Christians (8 sermons)   Walking in the Light: Expository Studies in First John(12 sermons)
At the Cross: Key Actors in History's Greatest Drama (8 sermons)   Now We Live: Studies in 1 Thessalonians (5 sermons)   Jude: Contending For the Faith (3 sermons)
Studies in the Normal Human Life: Jesus Christ in the Gospels(7 sermons)   Titus: Making a Difference in a Pagan Culture (3 sermons)   Revelation: The Shape of Things to Come, Pt. 1 (chs. 1-9) (20 sermons)
Reality Check: The Radical Agenda of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke (7 sermons)   Fearsome Times, Faithful Sayings: Five Texts in the Pastoral Letters (5 sermons)   Revelation: The Shape of Things to Come, Pt. 2 (chs. 10-22) (22 sermons)
Seeing Through the Fog: Studies in 2 Thessonians
God's Bridge: Studies in the Life of John the Baptist (5 sermons)        
God in Flesh: Studies in the Gospel of John (66 sermons)