Church Structure

I. Organizational
A. Non-denominational – CBC includes people from many Christian and non-Christian backgrounds. The church operates independently of any denominational affiliation, but is not anti-denominational and welcomes all followers of Christ into fellowship regardless of denominational background, race, or ethnic origin.

B. Multiple elders – Several men serve as elders. Their roles include pastoring and equipping the congregation for service, and corporately deciding ministry and personnel policy issues. Paid staff who are qualified according to biblical precepts join lay leaders to form the board of elders in guiding and governing the church. Staff members do not vote when matters come before the board that touch on issues of salary or benefits.
II. Leadership
A. Unanimity of elder decision-making – Elders work together to oversee the church. While each elder is involved personally in certain ministries, they are responsible as a group to guide the entire church. In this they work together in unanimity. The church does not move forward over the objection of one of our elders. Since the elders as a group lead the church, the church body is protected from the domination of any one person in leadership.

B. Lifetime service for elders and deacons – There are no terms of service for our elders or our deacons. Officers are appointed to serve for as long as they remain willing and qualified. We believe this promotes the stability of our church and its leadership. Experienced leaders, working as a team, bring much needed depth to a local church.

C. Deacons and their roles – Deacons serve the church under the direction of the elders. They each oversee at least one official ministry area of our church and are given a large degree of freedom to lead the ministry in the way they see best. Also, deacons serve in an advisory capacity to the elders. The elders seek the counsel and support of the deacons on many church issues.
III. Financial
A. No offering taken – Since the beginnings of our church in 1971, we have chosen not to pass an offering plate. Boxes are attached to the walls in the rear of the auditorium and in the foyer to receive the gifts and offerings of our church family. This method has served well over the course of our history. Believers are encouraged to give generously, and to give as to the Lord, but we attempt to give church finances an emphasis that is proportionate to that received in the New Testament.

B. All ministries supported through our Operating Fund – The reason that all ministries are supported through our general fund is because we do not want our ministries or missionaries to compete against each other for funding. Also, the practice fosters unity within the church, since we do what we do together.

C. Conservative budgetary practices – Our church budget is set according to the projected costs of ministry to which we have committed ourselves. Our budget is funded according to church income to the general fund over the previous four quarters. This protects us from spending more money than we are given and this also provides a spending plan for Operating Fund giving.
IV. Ministry
A. Lay Ministry – Congregational members are delegated a variety of ministry leadership positions. Every believer is recognized as gifted to serve.

B. Christian Education – The home is recognized as the center for child training. The church supplements this training with a variety of programs and electives.

C. Evangelism – The Christian’s lifestyle and the proclamation of hope in Christ from the pulpit are expected to draw people to Christ. Inquirers are always welcome; still, Sunday services are designed, as in the New Testament, primarily for building the Christian rather than focusing on the salvation of the lost.

D. Ordinances – The church practices believer's baptism by immersion, but recognizes as valid various modes of baptism if administered to believers. The Lord's Supper, as a symbol of Christ's death, is open to all believers and is celebrated once a month, usually on the second Sunday of the month.

E. Weddings – For couples to be married at CBC, at least one must be a regular attender here. A minimum of four months of premarital counseling is expected.