Christian Life and Devotional Studies
Weapons for the Battle: Essentials for the Christian Warrior(7 sermons)   Bridling the Beast: Controlling the Tongue From the Inside Out(5 sermons)   The Ministry of Money: Three Lessons From Luke (3 sermons)
Holiday Sermons   Dark Nights of the Soul: How People Grow Through Hardship (7 sermons)   Profitable Paradoxes: Blessings in Unexpected Places (6 sermons)
Inclining the Heart: Eight Critical Aspects of the Inner Life (8 sermons)   Closer Than a Brother: What the Bible Teaches About Friendship (6 sermons)   Meditation: Key to Spiritual Enlargement (6 sermons)
Coming to Serve: The Joys of Ministry in the Body of Christ (8 sermons)   The Rod of God: How to Profit From Divine Discipline (6 sermons)   Sinful Subjugation: Learning to Cope With the Inner Person (5 sermons)
Great Nights of the Bible (7 sermons)   Peripatetic Principles: The Supernatural Character of the Christian Walk (6 sermons)   Conquest: The War Within (7 sermons)
More Than Conquerors: Overcoming Your Giants (5 sermons)   Divine Questions: Issues for Spiritual Assessment(9 sermons)   Global Vision: What It Means to Be a World Christian (3 sermons)
Texts That Changed History: The Practical Ownership of Scripture (8 sermons)

Sweet Memories: What God Insists That Believers Never Forget (6 sermons)